In Class exercise Monday Oct 3rd


Your assignment is to design a business card, with your contact info and the job title you would like to have as a future professional.

You card should include:

  • First & Last Name
  • Your title ( graphic design, architect, communications professional)
  • Contact Number
  • Email
  • URL ( if you don’t have an existing one use your wordpress url)
  • Can be single or double sided
  • You can use either a Serif or Sans Serif typeface

I recommend using no more than two type faces, many business cards use Sans Serif typefaces, for their modern simple / clean elegance. However tradition Serif typefaces can lend an air of  timelessness , class and sophistication. Generally under no circumstances should you use a script  typeface, unless of course you want a job as a wedding planner. Other wise you may use any font of your choosing.  I’ve compiled a list of typefaces that I recommend if you can’t decide where to get started. However you are in no way obligated to use any of them.

To get started view these slides in your web browser.

Recommended Sans Serif:


(Lato & Source Sans Pro are aviable for free online)

Recommended Serif Typefaces:



Submitting Your Assignment


To complete your assignment, print and trim your card. Then post a photo of it to your WordPress blog. Next post a comment with the url to your blog on this post. Make sure you post the url to your home page, and not your dashboard ( ex. You must complete this assignment by the end of day.


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