This assignment explores the process and concepts of combining typography and imagery to create effective visual layouts.

Step 1.

Photograph! You must use your own images for this assignment, so your homework is to go out and photograph things. Any subject matter is acceptable. Photograph things you find interesting or think look cool. Get creative, try photographing things that don’t seem obvious or you wouldn’t normally take photos of.  Finally think about light and composition, how you compose your shots and how does light effect the way it looks? For Thursday have a collection of 10 new photos ( you can also create separate collection of photos you have already taken ).

Things to think about while taking photos:

Your photo will have a title, which will be part of the final piece.

Compositional principals you could employ any of the following:

  • Dynamic composition
  • Static composition
  • Symmetry
  • Asymmetry
  • Scale
  • Tension
  • Balance
  • Grids
  • The Figure ground effect

Leaving space in the composition for typography, or having elements of the photos composition that could interact with typography.

There’s no specific type of photo I’m looking for, so feel free to get creative. Check out the work of these photographers for some ideas/inspo:

Part 2.

For part two of this assignment you will choose three final photographs from your collection of 10. You will be creating three post card sized 4.25 x 6  compositions for each image. One with the type separated, one with the type extrapolated, and one with the type integrated into the composition.


Each post card must have the following elements:

  • A photo
  • The title of the Photo
  • The Photos meta data
  • The Camera model name
  • A 3-5 sentence description of the image.

Final Due Date / Critique

Thursday November 3rd