For this course we will be making use of lynda.com & the wonderfully concise Thinking With Type, by Ellen Lupton.

As students at RWU you all have unlimited access to the Lynda.com online training library. Click here to log into the Lynda.com training library, you use your school email user name (the part before the @) and your chosen password. You may also need to select academics under the domain setting (see bellow).

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To get things started I recommend you to watch chapter one of InDesign Typography Part 1. We will be covering the basics and beyond in class, however it is difficult fully ingest the required technical information exclusively in the class room. The videos will go into much greater detail than we have time for in class and you can watch them at your own pace and over and over again. So cancel your subscription to Netflixs, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, Hulu or whatever other video streaming service your addicted to and tune into Lynda.com. Besides the new season of Game of Thrones won’t be out until next summer.


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